Welcome to the Empty Faces

Episode RecapS


This resource is designed to encourage your progress through each season. You will be able to access immediate information for each episode to help you seek out evil.


To get started, find your season from the below options, then select the episode number you are working on. This information can be found on the inventory card that came with your package, along with a password. Each episode recap below is password protected — use the password from your inventory card to gain access.


Inside each recap, you will find a list of items contained in your episode. Selecting an entry will display a drop-down box allowing you to read ONLY about the item you have selected. Some entries will note a “HINT” or a “REVEAL." “HINTS" are intended to help you crack a code or solve a puzzle associated with that item. A “REVEAL” is the solution to that code or puzzle.


Keep in mind, the Empty Faces game has layers. These episode recaps WILL NOT expose all answers or possibilities that exist within the game. Your time and effort are rewarded with a richer experience — the more you put in, the more you get out.

Cooper’s Rock Curiosities

The Mine


The Mountain


The WoodS