Cooper’s Rock Curiosities Recap

Note from Reed - HINT

This coded message works in conjunction with another one of the documents that Kayla has shared.

Note from Reed - REVEAL #1

Each of the sets of numbers on Reed’s note correspond to a word in the funeral card and a letter within that word. So, if the number combination is 3-1, this means to look at the third word in the funeral program and take the first letter of that word on the “In Memoriam” side of the funeral card.

Note from Reed - REVEAL #2

After extracting all the individual letters from the words in the funeral card, Reed’s note says: “Bridge by Old Mill Midnight.”

Reed's Journal Entries - HINT #1

Reed’s journal entries, or his “Divine Chronicle” entries, contain a coded message. Pay attention to apparent errors in his writing.

Reed's Journal Entries - HINT #2

Some of the words in Reed’s entries have extra letters. Extracting these letters and putting them together will reveal a message.

Reed’s Journal Entries - Reveal

Reed’s three journal entries reveal the following messages:
#1044: They’re always watching. I’m never alone.
#1051: Something is whispering to me.
#1067: Forbidden from moving thing under bed.

Reed’s Letter - HINT

Like Reed’s journal entries, Reed’s letters to Kayla have some obvious misspellings. Extracting the extra letters and putting them together will reveal a message.

Reed’s Letter - Reveal

When the extra letters are put together, the message says “Please don’t look for me. Not safe for you.”

Grace's Note - Hint

This note is partly written in the spirit language from Empty Faces season 1. You can use the key located here to crack the code.

Grace's Note - Reveal

Once the symbols are translated, the words in the spirit language read: “Grace” and “What the wicked wish will wither and wane.”

Doctor's Memos - Hint

The key to revealing a short message within Dr. Hargo’s memos is to consider the colors created by his printer’s ink as it glitched—blue, green, yellow, and pink. How could their intersections reveal a message?

Doctor's Memos - Reveal

On the last page of Dr. Hargo’s memos, the small green patches of ink highlight specific letters in different words. These letters spell out the word “soon.”