A great evil has found you.

"The scariest subscription box I've ever opened." Welcome to Empty Faces: An immersive paranormal investigation... where everything rests on your shoulders.

Applications close in...

Warning: Only 50 Memberships Approved Per Day

from the creators of 'hunt a killer' - the fastest-growing thriller subscription box ever - comes 'empty faces'

dear Visitor,

Someone wishes to speak with you...

It's someone who can... "see" things...

"Sense" things...

They're concerned about you... 

Why? I can't say... Not here, anyway...

But also - they need your help.


Before it's too late.

Because while something in you frightens this someone...

Something else in you gives them hope.

Will you accept their message?


how to play


Step 1: Join the Horror

You'll receive a box with 'marked' items inside which you'll need to explore...

Step 2: an evil force has a sinister message for you... Can you interpret what it all means?

There are evil forces lurking everywhere and their main objective is to pull you into their world... Do your homework, prepare yourself.


Step 3: You may think you're alone... but you're not. Work together with our online Facebook community

You're not alone in your horror obsession. Our community is packed with others like you playing Empty Faces and loving every moment.



"Empty Faces is a subscription box that's so thrilling - you'll anxiously wait by the door for your next package...

And so scary - you'll dread opening it at the same time."


Pieced together by an amazing team of fiction horror writers...

... Empty Faces takes you through a horrific journey - an immersive paranormal investigation - where your own life is at stake.

The only question is: Can you survive the horror? 




How much does it cost?

Subscriptions start at just $30/mo.

And you can cancel any time.

But fair warning: It's addicting (in the best way). Once you start, you too will eagerly wait for your box each and every month to keep the tale alive.


How many months / episodes long is it?

Empty Faces is broken down into 5-episode seasons with independencies and conclusions that connect throughout each season.



I have other questions! How can I reach out?

No problem! Just email our horror specialist, Walter Hill.

Email: walter@emptyfaces.com